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3 Big Category Of On Page SEO-Earthsearches

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3 Big Category Of On Page SEO-Earthsearches

As you know SEO basically means to rank your website in the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo but There are two type of SEO that are very important in this field. First one is On Page SEO and other one is Off Page SEOBut you Now we will discuss only its main type which is On Page SEO. There are 3 big category of this type of search engine optimization that are mentioned here below

  • Content
  • HTML
  • Architecture


3 Big Category Of On Page SEO Tips And Tricks-Earthsearches

Now we will discuss its all categories first one is Content

Content: This is real concept this “Content Is king In SEO”. Its mean when you will put content on your website then if the user will get the content which he is searching then he will be happy to see the content. Therefore first of all we should write unique and good content in On Page SEO. SO when you are going to start this field then you should be expert in content writing. This also included in On Page SEO Factors. Keyword Research is also a part of content therefore you should write your keyword before writing the post. There are some points in this category that are mentioned here below

  • Your content should unique
  • You should use related content
  • You Should Use the Good and Best Content in Blog Post
  • Content quality will be good
  • You should Use the Good Keyword and High Quality Keyword for post
  • Use of keyword in the post will be good and perfect
  • You should Post New Content for getting the Google Freshness

SO its Prove if your website On Page SEO will be good then you can easily rank in search engines. You can also get the On Page SEO Tips And Tricks for ranking your website in the Google.


3 Big Category Of On Page SEO Tips And Tricks-Earthsearches

HTML: When you are using the html in you website then it should be accurate and perfect which will help you in getting the rank in short time. HTML is most important and compulsory for the optimize your website.

Architecture: This is also main point of On Page SEO Strategy which will help you in getting most top rank in search engines such as Google. If your website architecture will be properly designed then it will be good for you. You should use the latest theme in your website and you should also add related categories to your website niche. This point also matter in this field.

If you want to get the good ranking in the search engines then you should focus on these things which i mentioned above in the text. If you want to get Latest and Best SEO Tips then you must be connected with Earthsearches.



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